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We all went to bad schools. So, we cannot opt out of the system, we have to opt in. I was raised in a community that had blacks, whites, Puerto Ricans, minorities, you name it, we were in the melting pot New York City environment.

This is an excerpt of your interview with the Secretary of State, Colin Powell. But on the other hand precisely because of the success of affirmative action, our community has been fragmented.

I think you can talk all day long about black cultural nationalism or any of the ethnic cultural nationalisms or the religious nationalisms you want in this country, but as soon as you talk about economics, as soon as you talk about the redistribution of wealth, that is a fundamental challenge to the system.

Yes, on two occasions. That was Secretary of State Colin Powell. I pray that all generations old and new, every walk of life, will have goals that reach beyond our actual years of existence.

It would be his 75th birthday. Did you get a chance to go beyond the issue of race and talk about those issues? We need to give people an alternative.

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One of his last major addresses, exactly a year before he was killed was against the Vietnam war. But I was just thinking, January we will be celebrating his birthday.

Masking the Color Line", College English 55 I represent all of the values of this country and the power of this country. The book and documentary of slightly different titles. If you do your best, you will watched, you will be recognized. That was one of the surprises for me doing the series.

The first reference draws the reader in with a direct reference, while the second goes so far as to identify all of the areas in the world where Du Bois believed the color-line was "the problem of the twentieth century".

I am tickled to see such freshness towards understanding for the much greater purpose of moving forward, together to a place of higher quality. Use in modern journalism[ edit ] As well as in literary theory, the phrase circulates in the modern vernacular.

We all love Martin Luther King. He saw drug dealers. We are all black, right? It always has been about economics. The term was also popularized during the emergence of Pentecostalisma type of Christian faith and practice, as it grew in North America.

He said Martin Luther King did not die for and went on. Landlords doubled and tripled their rent at the approach of a dark tenant. Geniuses at understanding the system. Sign in to vote. We eat the same food, right? Yes, born in Chicago.

And here Colin Powell is one of those leading this invasion and occupation of Iraq. Unfortunately, we have opted in corrupt ways, by and large. Can you see it by just being able to make such a film?The term color line was originally used as a reference to the racial segregation that existed in the United States after the abolition of slavery.

America Beyond the Color Line with Henry Louis Gates Jr.

PBS created a series entitled America Beyond the Color Line with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Beyond The Color Line By: Andrew Paulcheck The Documentary film beyond the color line was very well done. Henry Louis Gates Jr. did a fantastic job as a narrator. Henry is a professor at Harvard and teaches black history.

Through interviews, the professor examines the past, present, and future of black/white race relations in the USA. Watch video · America Behind the Color Line–A Conversation with Renowned Scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Story January 08, Watch Full Show. Watch Full Show Next Story.

America:. The documentary America Beyond the Color Line debuts on DVD thanks to PBS Home Video with a standard full-frame transfer that preserves the original broadcast aspect ratio.

Supplemental materials include additional interviews with Henry Louis Gates Jr. who is the host of the movie.5/5(1). There are no featured audience reviews yet.

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America beyond the color line
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