An argument against the production and use of nuclear power

Keeping on the topic of nuclear waste disposal, the dangers of exposure to nuclear waste are catastrophic. InLewis Strauss, chairman of the U. A report by Citibank, an institution that has rarely met a risky investment it could say no to, highlighted in the title of its report on nuclear power what its analysis showed: This leaves this type of energy production in the hands of terrorist-friendly countries and organizations.

This was one of the factors that then drove China to acquire and test its own nuclear weapons in the s and similarly motivated North Korea four decades later. However, the treaty itself is fatally flawed because it contains an intractable contradiction: Seldom do most people make the connection between nuclear weapons and nuclear power production.

For the hundreds of thousands of Japanese moved into temporary shelters either because their homes were washed away in the tsunami or because of the emergency evacuation caused by the nuclear crisis, there is very little prospect of moving back. Experts estimate forty more countries are capable of developing nuclear weapons as the nuclear club continues to expand.

Sample Argumentative Essay against the Production of Nuclear Power

Twenty-three of the operational nuclear reactors in the United States are built on the same s design, and by the same company—General Electric—as the reactors at Fukushima.

The opportunity for theft by terrorists of nuclear materials usable in even a "dirty bomb" would susbtantially increase if nuclear power is expanded.

Moreover, plutonium, a necessary component of nuclear weapons and the most life-destroying element known to humanity, is not an element that occurs naturally on earth.

7 Arguments Against Nuclear Power (Why It Should Be a No-Go)

The sober warning is that if more is not done, nuclear power will diminish as a practical and timely option for deployment at a scale that would constitute a material contribution to climate change risk mitigation. If the government opened the long-term nuclear repository that was supposed to be beneath Yucca Mountain in Nevada today, it would be immediately filled with already existing nuclear waste.

Hence, without a nuclear power program, justified as the peaceful use of unlimited, cheap, and safe energy, it is not possible to realistically generate the required amount of plutonium for nuclear weapons. Once the waste is captured, it must never become exposed to the outside world.

The Economics Say No. Nausea and vomiting - within 10 minutes to 6 hours; Headache - within 2 hours to 24 hours; Dizziness and disorientation - immediately to 1 week; Hair loss, infections, low blood pressure - immediately to within 1 to 4 weeks.

Today, the nuclear stockpile of the United States, which stands at over 7, warheads—some of which are still kept in permanent readiness—could alone destroy planetary life several times over. Moreover, with the clear connection to nuclear weapons production, alongside many unresolved questions surrounding long-term waste management and the decommissioning of old plants, there are more than enough compelling arguments against nuclear power—in addition to the potential for terrifying accidents—to justify shutting them down now.

The report does not inspire confidence that the U. Cost estimates for new reactor construction continue to soar and are unpredictable.

Which brings to mind the nature and prospects of nuclear fusion- often called the "perfect" source of power - emitting neither radioactive waste nor greenhouse gasses that add to the global warming problem. Dumping of radioactive waste into the nearby river from to caused several breakouts of radiation sickness in villages downstream.

In regards to plants, animals, and humans, exposure to radioactive waste can cause cancer, genetic problems, and death. To maintain the current proportional contribution of nuclear power would require building eighty new nuclear plants in the next 10 years—commissioning one every 6 weeks!

The immense pressure of the water on an already compromised containment structure subject to continuing aftershocks could be enough to crack it open. According to Roger Rufe, a retired U.7 Arguments Against Nuclear Power (Why It Should Be a No-Go) arguments against nuclear energy, arguments against nuclear power From "Production Hell" To "Delivery Hell" —.

Good Reasons Against Nuclear Power An initiative of Elektrizitätswerke Schönau control two thirds of world uranium production.

The Case For and Against Nuclear Power

#2 Evictions Many nuclear power plants use so-called MOX fuel elements, which contain a mixture of. Arguments against Nuclear power. As well as for factors there are also factors against the use of nuclear power and in this section I will explain the factors against.

Radioactive wastes contain radioactive material.

The case against nuclear power

(This can therefore be seen as an argument against banning nuclear power plants as there is the burning of fossil fuels that is taking place which are producing greater amounts of pollution than what nuclear power stations are giving off.).

Ruling elites want more nuclear power because of its connection to nuclear weapons production, the need for energy independence, and the deeply entrenched and highly effective power of.

Is nuclear power the answer for a warming planet? Or is it too expensive and dangerous to satisfy future energy needs?

Interest in nuclear power is heating up, as the hunt intensifies for "green" alternatives to fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.

An argument against the production and use of nuclear power
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