Article submissions

Keeping track of your manuscript You can keep track of your manuscript throughout the process by going to your author area - here it will list for Article submissions manuscripts you have submitted under "Submitted manuscripts," "Manuscripts with decisions" and "Manuscripts I have co-authored".

If your manuscript is sent for external peer review you Article submissions find reviewers comments in the decision letter. There are appropriate designations for these files "Research checklists" and "Video files".

If you would like to be considered as a reviewer for The BMJ please also fill in your expertise terms. Article submissions you upload an EndNote file the system will convert your references for you and provide Web of Science links.

If you cannot wait, you can interrupt your submission and continue the process on another occasion. Supplementary files are not converted to PDF but will be available to reviewers or editors exactly as you upload them.

These are files that normally do not appear with the print article, although they might accompany the final version of the paper online. The procedure will then be the same as for an unsolicited article.

Please do not worry if your reference hyperlinks appear incorrectly - it may be that the journals are not indexed or the system does not recognise the way you have formatted them. This will take you to the next screen. File upload You are only able to upload one "Manuscript file," which should contain your main document but not any images or supplementary files.

Commissioning If we commission you to write for The BMJ we will email you — please use the links in the email provided to respond to our request.

Article submission

If you believe that we have rejected your article wrongly, perhaps because we have misunderstood its scientific content, please submit an appeal rebuttal letter from your author area at our online editorial office. If you need to upload tables please submit them as separate Word files.

Name and email information: Please do not use Excel. Submitting a manuscript Before you submit your manuscript please check that it is in the correct style for the appropriate section of The BMJ.

Please ensure that you include the heading "References" at the top of the citations see below. Information on appeals can be found in our publishing model guide.

This makes it much easier for editors and peer reviewers to read and appraise your manuscript. The system can also accept supplementary files for example: This is Article submissions where you may set your password.

Saving your work We are sorry that the submission process takes time. Your job description, specialty and marketing preferences should also be filled in on this page.

Do not try to submit a revised version of your article at this stage. Then please enter the number of images and supplementary files and please upload your revised manuscript. If you are submitting an article with no figures and no supplementary files then all you have to do is insert the word count and click "Upload files.

Help Detailed help files are available throughout our online editorial office and can be used without stopping the submission process. If a field has purple "req" text next to it this means that you have to fill it in: It is very important that you provide a new covering letter at this stage, explaining in detail how you have responded to all the peer review and editorial comments and the revision checklist.

You may change your user ID to be something more meaningful than your email address you will, however, need this whenever you sign in.

Author details Please fill out the appropriate fields, making sure that the corresponding author box is ticked with the correct email address. Occasionally the hyperlinking just fails for no apparent reason.

When you are happy with the author details please click "Save and continue.The New York Times accepts opinion articles on any topic, for the Op-Ed page (Monday through Saturday), the Sunday Review, our Opinionator and other online series, and the International New York Times (which is edited out of Paris, London and Hong Kong).

Articles typically run from to 1, Is The BMJ the right journal for my article? Which research does The BMJ prioritise? Advice on OA and peer review, writing, laying out, and submitting articles. Article submissions should include facts and/or statistics that would be of interest to our readers, without sounding self-serving.

If we think that an article is publishable, but contains promotional content, we will request that the author resubmit the article after those references are removed or reworded.

Submitting to Contemporary Aesthetics Contemporary Aesthetics encourages the submission of articles that bear directly on contemporary aesthetic theory and concerns, as well as current reassessments of traditional issues. Articles that are primarily historical or that focus on particular art works or individual artists are not appropriate to the.

Deadline for substantive article submissions is three months prior to the issue date (in most cases, timely or urgent submissions will be considered).

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.

Non-feature and advertising items should be submitted by the first of the month prior to publication. Have an Article Idea for NEJM Catalyst? NEJM Catalyst welcomes submissions for original, instructive content that demonstrate innovative ideas and solutions for improving health care delivery.

We publish articles and case studies along the following main themes: Care Redesign, Leadership, New Marketplace, and Patient Engagement. If .

Article submissions
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