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This is a perfect way for students to not only recognize points of view, but also to practice digging back into a text for evidence. So check your middle-upper middle class privelage for one second in your entire life and realize that other people might understand things that you will never be able to.

A few years ago I wrote it up One thing about our modern first-world life is that we are not only swamped with information, but our lives are lived in isolation from the people who make it possible via their labour and resources. Sorry but that is my position. We have two items off our menu that are required This ties so nicely to many of our writing units--we want students to state a "claim" or a thesis and then prove it with detailed evidence from the text.

Writing About Reading: Digging Deeper into Fiction Reading and Writing

I am particularly proud of how well they are taking my minilessons and applying them to what we are doing. What else are we doing? Here a student is creating a story "map" to help him plan out a cartoon that represents a key section of his book Tomorrow we begin drafting our "mini" stories.

So that it matters. This is a great way for students to really have some great discussions about which events in their books are truly the most important and impactful--and for them to recognize that different characters really do see things differently in a story This is an article about how to write these stories so that they will have impact.

Your point about the people making the iPhones is valid and correct. Or, as my husband once put it, "people turn on the tap and expect clean water to come out of it.

Groups worked to generate a list of key events and the characters they felt could "tell" the story. Feel free to do that what with you will, as you cannot truly appreciate true suffering and pain until you have yourself experienced it.

Some are making cartoons We are almost totally ignorant of what our cushy life costs others. Creative Writing and More! Here it is if you are interested in taking a peek. Must be fun for you. Want to pin this post for later?

The hum of activity in the classroom is so much fun! Today we worked back in our book clubs we are all writing about our book club books to do some brainstorming!

This project is a perfect way to combine paper and pencil AND technology. The world is an ugly place. Not hard to extrapolate from what the others have to say about it.Digging Deeper in Xenia's classes: ELA 10, AP Lit., Filmmaking.

ELA 10 Writing Resources & Grammar Filmmaking Then, check the revised body paragraph link below it to see a more enhanced body. Practice Enhancing Body Paragraphs. Revised Body Paragraphs with Notes.

Oct 14,  · "Digging Deeper" with our Writing We have a saying in our class, to "Dig Deep" with our writing. "Digging Deep" is where we practice writing more detailed sentences to make us better writers!

Check out some of our wonderful writers, DIGGING DEEP! Posted by Hiner at PM. Email This BlogThis!

Digging Deeper

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Writing about reading, point of view, compare and contrast, event study, characters, writing about characters, comparing and contrasting characters, historical fiction, creative writing, providing evidence, writing paragraphs, writing process Writing About Reading: Digging Deeper into Fiction Reading and Writing Writing About Reading.

According to Rosen, a basic civil records check run on a job applicant’s name costs about $25 per county, compared with about $18 per county for a criminal records check.

But Rosen points to a number of practical problems with getting useful results from civil. Digging Deeper Into Writing Workshop Components: Grades K-6 Handouts Maggie Moon NESA November 8th & 9th, Dubai.

Workshop Teaching ~Writing and Reading Workshop 4/5 xs a week/ mins “Check in” * Research. My students need novel text sets so we can dig deeper into the CCSS Reading and Writing standards.

My students are unique for many reasons. We are a Title I school, 92% of our students are from low income families, and just over 90% of our students are of ethnic backgrounds.

Digging deeper writing a check
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