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This takes hours out of the process and reduces errors. SinceDuke Energy and EPRI have been testing a tool that could help employees and visiting recovery crews quickly grasp the lay of an unfamiliar land: Work in Epri research paper on applications in France and Japan.

However, some military specifications do require longer shelf lives and specify the testing. For more information, contact techexpert eprijournal. Who has tested it? Connect field technicians with subject matter experts via wireless communication for real-time instruction on complicated tasks.

Coal-Fired Power Plant Heat Rate Improvement Options, Part 1

In addition, there are the years of previous work and testing that have to be recovered. Photo courtesy of Duke Energy. The line workers found the smart glasses easy to use, adjusting to them in just minutes. Their collaborative Epri research paper with telecommunications company Verizon equipped a team of line workers with glasses during a simulated storm response.

The study points to specific ways that augmented reality could reduce construction time and worker mistakes as well as improve safety. Use electronic boundaries to alert plant workers to radiation hazard zones.

This is not the same as other greases and the old calcium complex it is reportedly not compatible with the other greases offered by the previous manufacturers. The grease can also be tested for penetration if required or other tests if contamination is suspected.

What is its shelf life? Owners, operators, and construction teams will need to conduct demonstration projects, assess costs and benefits, make a solid financial case, address privacy and cyber security, and potentially overhaul traditional construction and maintenance workflows.

Much work remains before augmented reality can be adopted broadly in nuclear plants. The Grade 1 or even the Grade 2 would be preferred.

Among the potential applications: In either wet or dry applications it should do well and for bearings or other similar applications the stiffer Grade 2 might be more suitable. Many expressed concerns about an uncertain business case.

The Grade 0 softer is used as factory files, many stations use a stiffer Grade 1 for the gearboxes and the stems and an even stiffer Grade 2 is available for bearings. However, while adding MOV Long Life will tend to be better than adding more of the obsolete grease, to get all the benefits of the better performance remove as much of old grease as possible.

Given the performance and the longer life it is indeed worth it. For the previous grease this was stated as being only 1 year! The calcium sulphonate thickener is compatible with the calcium complex grease recommended previously by Limitorque.

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Is it compatible with our current grease? In most cases a time is given to reflect when the manufacturer believes that the grease will still meet the typical performance specifications and be within the NLGI Grade requirements. A Duke Energy line worker wearing augmented reality—enabled smart glasses as part of a simulated storm damage assessment with EPRI.


This has been confirmed in testing and it has been stated that they can mixed even for safety related valves. The track record is strong but includes this fundamental challenge: This might because of the age hardening and while the grease can obviously still perform at time intervals many times this amount it does mean that extra testing on even product from unopened pails might be required.

EPRI researchers reviewed more than 2, studies on augmented reality, interviewed 10 experts, and surveyed 32 nuclear utilities.

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Testing by others has shown no rate of loading effects and no significant changes in the coefficient of friction. It can also be used for gear couplings although it will not be as good in centrifugal separation as the specialty products but it should do better in other areas.EPRI (ASERTTI Member) Launces Study on Integrated Grid.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) launched a recent study on the transformation of the electric power grid. Even without regulatory considerations, there are good reasons for virtually every coal-fired power plant to improve its heat rate.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has looked at. V&R Energy is a leading provider of the advanced power systems engineering solutions designed to improve the stability and reliability of the electrical Transmission and Distribution networks.

Founded inV&R Energy offers a wide spectrum of advanced consulting services, sophisticated scientific research, and comprehensive electrical power systems software applications for a comprehensive.

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Ocean Wave Energy. Ocean wave energy is captured directly from surface waves or from pressure fluctuations below the surface. loading sending searching. Sustainable Business provides daily green news from across the world.

Epri research paper
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