Equality and diversity what is meant

It also recognises our wider commitment to improving diversity across the public and private sector. What is equality and diversity? Your organisation believes that successful implementation of equality and diversity in all aspects of work ensures that colleagues, staff and students are valued, motivated and treated fairly.

Learners in the healthcare setting will reflect this diversity around gender, race and ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, class and age. A series of papers: Our internal networks take on a critical role, keeping us focused on creating an inclusive and engaged department. People from black and minority ethnic groups comprise They provide insight on the diversity of our people and run events to keep staff aware of how to respond to differing needs.

What is equality and diversity?

Exploring the topic further: Equality objectives To support the Home Office business plan to cut crime, control immigration and stop terrorism - and to meet the requirements of the public sector Equality Duty - the department has devised specific equality objectives.

This could be due to the teachings and practices of their faith or the way of thinking that is part of their upbringing. Why is equality and diversity important? We are required to consider all individuals in their day to day work, in shaping policy and in providing services.

Ruth Hunt and Katherine Cowan. We now have an understanding of both words and what they mean, so how does that change when they are used together?

What Is Meant By Equality And Diversity?

Useful equality and diversity resources Age concern: Different people have different hopes, beliefs, prospects, and responsibilities. This report aims to: For example, an employer may allow an employee to work a flexible working pattern to accommodate child care arrangements, or a GP surgery may offer surgeries at the weekends to accommodate those who work full time during the week.

Diverse organizations will out-think, out-innovate and out-perform a homogeneous organization every single time. The truth is we are all different. Experts found shortfalls in the quality of care offered by the NHS and private providers to patients with conditions such as osteoarthritis, incontinence and osteoporosis.

An equalities approach understands that who we are, based on social categories such as gender, race, disability, age, social class, sexuality and religion β€” will impact on our life experiences. For the NHS, this means making it more accountable to the patients it serves and tackling discrimination in the work place.

This strategy ensures that, as a department, we continue to champion equality and diversity in all that we do, whether it concerns our staff or the wider public.

There are many ways of defining equality; the right meaning depends on the context. Read the progress report for to A holistic approach means making a commitment to equality through the recognition of diversity.

Treating someone fairly means recognising, respecting our differences and acting accordingly. Would you like to share your knowledge and experience of equality and diversity with others? There are laws that relate specifically to equality and diversity in the workplace.

Equality and diversity

The Vital Connection equalities framework Aims to put values of equality, fair treatment and social inclusion firmly at the centre of NHS workforce policy and practice.

These networks provide direct support to their members through ongoing training and advice. We live in an increasingly diverse society and need to be able to respond appropriately and sensitively to this diversity. This role is increasingly important in an environment where public expenditure is being reduced.

These approaches recognise that in order to provide accessible services and to ensure we promote inclusive working environments organisations may need to respond differently to both individuals and to groups.

We set clear equality objectives and publish information on our efforts to achieve them. Positively Diverse A strategic approach to managing and improving equality of opportunity for staff, and benefiting from the diversity of culture, skills and experience they bring to the workplace.

You can apply the same reasoning as above to the word diversity. Life course influences and well-being in later life: In plain speech diversity means valuing difference and treating others with respect.What are equality and diversity? What are equality and diversity, and how can we promote them?

What is equality? Equality is ensuring individuals or groups of individuals are not treated differently or less favourably, on the basis of their specific protected characteristic, including areas of race, gender, disability, religion or belief.

Equality and diversity is becoming more important in all aspects of our lives and work for a number of reasons: We live in an increasingly diverse society and need to be able to respond appropriately and sensitively to this diversity.

Explain what is meant by: Diversity, Equality and inclusion Equality means that every human being is to be treated in the same way and once cannot differentiate between people, being cause of their faith, sexuality, nationality, gender or age.

What are equality and diversity?

Everyone is to be treated fairly and equally. Each person has the right to be treated with respect and has. What Is Meant By Equality And Diversity? You can apply the same reasoning as above to the word diversity. An accepted explanation of diversity is β€œthe differences in values, opinions, cultural views, beliefs, ethnic background, sexuality, skills, knowledge and life experiences of each individual in any group.”.

Free Essay: Explain what is meant by diversity, equality and inclusion Diversity, equality and inclusion will be explained and examples give throughout. Explain what is meant by: Diversity Equality Inclusion Mean by Diversity the differences between individuals and groups in society arising from gender, ethnic origins, social, cultural or religious background, family structure, disabilities, sexuality and appearance.

Equality and diversity what is meant
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