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I do not try and use lots of different words, rather I take a family of words and use the different words in that family. In Islamic society if a person commits any ilk of crime, then there will be very hard rules of punishment for him for instance, if a person killed anyone, he would be executed at the square in front of a crowd.

Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan What purpose should prisons serve: One thing to note is that I am quite clever in how I vary Essay going to jail words. The first set of circumstances when community work is the appropriate sanction is for less serious offences when the offender shows remorse for his actions.

Going to Jail

No need to panic. He picked me up and slammed me in the grass. One tip that can sometimes work is simply to read on.

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My suggested structure is the simple one: My cousins Tasha, Deshaniqua, Jessica, Chasity, and I went to the liquor store to get something to drink.

If you are ever given the choice of being grounded or going to jail, pick the first one. I told him to come on, but he kept standing around talking to his friends, so I went and drank some more.

They also provide many facilities such as gym for physical fitness, playground for mental relaxation, to prisoners. Even if they are similar, going to jail is much worse than being grounded. Ultimately, I would hold that the prison is made to give punishment to a guilty in reference to Islamic rules and do justice but sometimes punishment does not work so at that moment we should develop a rehabilitation process.

I kicked the door, it flew open, and we slide out into the grass. Forget models and just read and understand the question. I would emphasise, however, that it should be a condition that the criminal regrets his actions and it is only appropriate for first time offenders.

There are definitely similarities between going to jail and being grounded, nevertheless there are plentiful differences too. As well as these, the situation in which you are confined is different. In summary, prison is in my view not always the best sanction and there are certain circumstances when non-custodial sentences may be both more effective and more just.

So since I was drunk, I got mad and got out of the car after him and started pulling on him to come on. You have to say when community service is more appropriate than prison.

He chased me for a while, but I got tired and dropped the keys on the ground. Whereas, some people believe in rehabilitation process, but I consider that the main objectives of prison are both to give punishment as well as to rehabilitate offenders and criminals, because it has some specific reasons.

Being Grounded You are locked up in your room by yourself; you have not been out to see the real world for what seems like an eternity.

Ben started driving, even though we were arguing. Another difference between the two is the amount of time that one endures the punishment. The word families minor offences — less serious offences — offenders — minor offenders — first time offenders — re-offend criminals — career criminals — hardened criminals custodial sentences — non-custodial sentences community service order — community work — work in the community The technical language and collocations The other crime vocabulary I have highlighted in green.

They want to rehabilitate a life of an offender into its real position by different methods for instance, they teach the prisoners many ways to earn a living after any offence. So tried to be macho man and tell me to get in the car, like I was going to listen. One day, like wise, a prisoner will become a good citizen when he comes out of a prison.

On Friday, June 28,I was celebrating my graduation with my cousins and decided to drink the night away which was a very bad idea. Rhetorical Criticism-Novel In this essay, I had to remove all of the contractions.

The main objective of prison is to imprison a guilty and give him punishment for the sake of justice. Being grounded typically lasts for a short time period days, weeks, monthswhile going to jail lasts for longer periods of time months, years, or even for life.

He was on his way back from South Bend and said he was coming to get me when he got back. So I decided to wait for him at his house. When you are grounded, it is usually because you lied to your parents, disobeyed them, or got in trouble with the law.Many people think jail and prison are the same.

In the past, I honestly myself thought that the only difference between jail and prison was prison was a bigger building than the building for jail.

In fact, there are many differences between prisons and jails. Both are different entities. Going to jail happens when a person commits a crime against society. Another difference between the two is the amount of time that one endures the punishment.

Being grounded typically lasts for a short time period (days, weeks, months), while going to jail lasts for longer periods of. [tags: Papers Criminal System Jail Prison Crime Essays] Powerful Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Prison is not a good and enjoyable place to be in a first place however, more people are going to prison.

[tags: correctional systems, criminal justice]. Disobedience and Letter From A Birmingham Jail Comparison In writing Civil Words: — Pages: 6 Stand Your Ground same time others would be going to.

Jails and Prisons Response Ephrem Larry CJS/ 12/13/13 William Patton In this essay I am going to identify the four types of prisons.

I am also going to explain the concept of prison as a total institution. A sample essay to download with explanations and exercises to help you write it on prison and community service. The focus is on answering the question and getting the vocabulary right.

Essay going to jail
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