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Public or private schooling is the best option to choose when deciding where to educate children. There may be some explanation as to why parents would prefer to homeschool their children, but sending children to public or private schooling is the better alternative.

While protection of children is very important, how does keeping the child constrained to their own home prepare them for the world around them? There are many benefits to sending children to a school. When children are homeschooled, they are not around social situations regularly. One might ask why parents would choose to homeschool their child rather than send them to schooling in a traditional classroom.

They discover ways to notice trouble or how to get out of situations that may not be good because they have the practice.

A main reason parents may choose to homeschool is to protect their child. Education in schools can be trusted and parents can know that their child is receiving the knowledge they will need in order to graduate with all of the credentials they need. They learn to go about their daily routine without being bothered by the bullies.

Bullies will not only be in elementary and high school. For example, parents can send their child to a public or private school, have their child take online classes, or they may choose to homeschool their child. Children that are homeschooled do not get the practice they need to be able to socialize well.

In an article by Michael Merry and Karsten Sjoerd, they state that homeschooling works against the best interests of children.

They explain that being homeschooled can lead to social inequality when they are in social settings. If children are homeschooled, they do not get the practice they need to be prepared to face the world around them. The only way they will develop the skills to stand up to bullies is to be around them.

When parents homeschool their children, they do not get the social interaction that others do in a school setting. Parents are encouraged to start schooling their children at a very young age. Children that are homeschooled will not be prepared for social settings of college or the work force because they will not be accustomed to the ways of public settings.

Although it may protect them for a minimal time, how will the child be when he or she grows to be a teenager and faces college peer pressure or leaving home? People that go through school in a classroom are better prepared for the work force because they learn how to act around people on a daily basis; they are familiar with being in a setting with several other people.

At school, children and teenagers have friendships that start from a young age. There are several different ways parents choose to educate their children.

When a child attends school they learn how to deal with issues in the world because they are confronted with them daily. Christians are taught to spread their faith to the lost. People must realize the dangers and know how to deal with them.

Teenagers that attend a high school will be better equipped for the school setting when they go to college. As the children grow, they continue in their years of schooling.Essay on Homeschooling VS Public Schooling. Words 5 Pages. Not knowing all the facts and without thinking into the future, many parents blindly consider homeschooling over public education.

Several parents Essay on Home Schooling vs Public School Words | 5 Pages. Essay Homeschool vs Public School. Homeschooling vs. Public School The common school system that was established by America’s founding fathers has for a long time, been considered the basis for providing students with a strong, dependable education.

Danielle Mahek's ePortfolio. Search this site. Home Page. Argument Essay: Why Public Schooling is the Best Option. Constitutional Constraints On Home Schooling", she explains what some see as the main reason parents choose to homeschool their children.

Public schools are prohibited from speaking about religions during the school day. Free Essay: Homeschooling vs.

Public Schools Emile Peponoulas - Why might parents choose to home school their children? "Parents of homeschooled. The averaged homeschool outperform student out preformed the average homeschool student the average public school students by roughly 30 percentile points.

The largest drawback mention by opponents of homeschooling is that kids are lacking socialization once they enter college. Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Homeschooling vs Public School".

Essays about homeschooling vs public school
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