How to write a press release for a cd release party

The reader feels they are getting more value by attending than staying away. Fresh copy keeps your reader reading to the end. This initial paragraph should always grab the reader and answer all of the basic questions the reader might have.

How to Write a Press Release for an Event

So pick up that pen or open up that laptop and get writing! Print Article You just left the studio and recorded the final notes for your album.

Figure out how you want to promote the show Social media? Mixing and mastering revisions can take longer than expected. Nothing beats an audience who sings with your songs. The boilerplate statement follows the body. Have your CDs in hand before actually booking anything.

Artwork can get flubbed. If the venue is historic or ties in with your event in some way or the date coincides with history or a special anniversary with your company, mention this.

So, I hear you ask, what makes a good press release? See what PRWeb says about press release headlines. Tell an interesting story with your press release.

Maybe have a contest around your release party. I was lucky and had no issues with them during the release party, which took a load off of my mind.

Give people the option to buy directly from you.

Party Time! 4 Tips For Throwing an Album Release Party

Use a professional tone without jargon in your writing. I will not write a press release for an upcoming EP or album. Just a simple line space will suffice. I spent a good three months putting my CD release party together. This is where the details about your company are listed including; the services you provide, and perhaps names the key executives as well.

Keep in mind, once you play your release show and maybe a string of tour datesyour core fan base -the ones willing to pay for your music- will then have your album. Start off with the who, what, when, where and why in the very first paragraph so that the main news story is the first thing that the journalist reads.

The flip side of having no albums is having too many. People will tell you a lot of things not to do, which is sometimes more important than what to do.

If you can provide a reporter with additional material, it could increase your chances of getting your story published. Keep it simple and concise, and focus on the who, what, where, when, and why. I then emailed a bunch of people and said, what would you like to help with and gave them job descriptions to help them decide.Search engines may reject your press release identifying it as an attempt to overload your document with SEO, and bulleted lists belong in an article, not a press release.

How To: Write A Press Release

Include an email address if you're writing an online-only release. So you’re throwing a party (or a grand opening, or a charity event, or some version of a large get-together).

First off, I’ll be waiting patiently for my invitation. Press Release Writing Scott’s Marketplace’s senior director of content marketing, Writing and distributing press releases is something you should do on a.

8 Simple Steps to Formatting a Proper Press Release

Jun 13,  · How To Write A Press Release. Writers can season their sentences within the confines of a release. Press releases are not features. here’s what everyone needs to know about writing.

Center for Media Justice SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE ON YOUR HEADLINE PLACE & TIME BRACKET: [City where news is taking place, MONTH, DAY of event] First Section YOUR NEWS HOOK: sentences on why this event or issue development is important news, timely, and impactful for a large number of people.

Try to keep your press release to one page. If a press release lands in an inbox with no contact info, no one's going to reply. And, while we're at it, always, always, always double-check that you BCC your press blast list.

3. Party!!! Here are 4 tips for throwing an album release party: 1) Have CDs to Release. The cardinal rule of throwing a CD release party: Have your CDs in hand before actually booking anything.

Nothing is more embarrassing for a release show than inviting a bunch of people, hyping up your album, and then not actually having copies to give away.

How to write a press release for a cd release party
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