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So their arguments in favour of legalising euthanasia or for that matter, turning a blind eye on its practice as happened in Holland for many yearsare based on the tiny proportion of people who have faced or are facing difficult end-of-life problems.

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Roshni Banymandhub, Mauritius While fully respecting these senior people talking in the show who think this is to be a positive initiative, I am just unhappy with this whole idea. No creature will ever feel the pain of suffering as Christ did. Providing palliative and terminal care is a highly skilled, labour intensive enterprise.

As it now stands, because of the position taken by the State and Territory Departments of Health, detection and diagnosis can take many years, causing much unnecessary suffering.

Unwelcome pressure Your Bill will introduce very unhealthy tensions between patients and their carers. The net filtering area will try to off-load it to the Telstra area.

Former AMA Victoria presidents urge MPs to reject euthanasia legislation

The worst thing about this business was that it produced a certain brutalisation of the nursing personnel. By keeping people alive who are in pain and suffering are they not going against their very profession?

If you come up with a particularly complicated issue, the bureaucrats might start disagreeing with each other. Briefly, in their view, human life per se has no value over any other form of life. Some would argue that individuals who have the potential to become sentient beings should also be regarded as persons, hence new-borns are persons who should be protected.

Caroline, Holland The West has abdicated its responsibility to true love and care for the needy and the helpless in its society. In my own years of practice, I can recall four examples of people diagnosed with terminal cancer by highly qualified teams of medical specialists, who, in the fullness of time proved not to have that disease.

But where there is life there is always hope. Its practice could not be confined within "strict guidelines" as its proponents assert.

Ten Reasons Why Voluntary Euthanasia Should Not Be Legalised

The philosophical stance that allows euthanasia to be contemplated at all is flawed and dangerous. There is nothing ennobling in terminal suffering. Society is quick to grasp the concept of there being "just a few months of life left", but those in the medical profession know how different the reality is.

Ask Jenny Macklin what impact she thinks it will have on families. Why would anyone think that the prospect of reporting such deaths to the coroner with the attendant possibility that a post-mortem examination might prove the diagnosis wrong, would be an attractive option to them?

I have made a will to put my affairs in order and I will make a living will to take the burden off any relatives who need to second-guess my wishes. I have experience of supporters of voluntary euthanasia who were so adamantly desirous of euthanasia that it interfered with their rehabilitation.

Euthanasia is not a crime, it is a choice. You may change your mind. Taking care of him is surely a burden on his family, yet no one would question this burden or pity the family. So could we not also introduce a system where we could state our wishes in advance, i.

Doctors in Belgium are now ending the lives of an average of five people a day by euthanasia, 27 per cent more than the previous year. That is why your Bill has been opposed by every disability group in the country.

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Sample Letter

For example, to take one of many, my grandfather all his life a non-Christian, hours before his death repented, it was the culminating moment in his life, for him it was the difference between a purposeful and a wasted life, between heaven and hell.

As I have set out in my letter to the Minister, I want: They got to simply picking out those they did not like It is well recognised that the diagnosis of an incurable illness and whether or not it is terminal, and if so, how imminent death is, all separately carry a certain, often large, probability for error.

The government is currently introducing new legislation that has as its core rationale the need to make health professionals more accountable. And that resource is the time of bureaucrats - the same bureaucrats who advise Conroy on policy, and implement his decisions.

The bureaucratic capacity to handle ministerial correspondence is a lot like the net filters trialled earlier this year. This was certainly the case in Nazi Germany. The law as it stands values every life as intrinsically worthy of our protection.

They were to be found amongst the terminally ill, those in coma and psychiatric patients, especially those residing in hospitals. There are other examples where removal of the legal protection of life has led to tragic and unforeseen consequences. It is to be hoped that a bill will come before Parliament before too long and that MPs will be allowed a free vote.sample letter to your local federal member of parliament (It may be easiest if you attach a copy of the letter you sent to the Federal Health Minister.

If you haven’t yet written to the Federal Minister, a sample letter to her can be found here. Why we shouldn’t legalise euthanasia. From nucleus - spring your local CMF staffworker or Relay worker for suggestions of speakers. The House of Lords Select Committee will have reported by the time you read this, but the bill would still need to go through the Commons.

You can write to your local MP, expressing your concerns on the.

Voluntary euthanasia vote backed by ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr in letter to federal MPs

The so-called Andrews bill — named after conservative MP Kevin Andrews, who introduced the legislation in — invoked constitutional powers to overturn euthanasia laws passed by the.

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The Netherlands has become the first country in the world to legalise euthanasia. Would you welcome a similar law in your country? Is it a person's ultimate right to. Writing to your MP.

So you’ve decided to write to your MP, but how do you make your letter or email stand out? or work for a local business. If your letter is about a particular region or country and you have visited it, outline this connection.

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Letter local mp euthanasia
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