Localization strategy examples

Ebi means shrimp in Japanese. The localization effort caused a severe and public backlash and generated lots of negative media coverage for IKEA. On the other hand, in an attempt to reach rural markets in countries such as India, Indonesia, Philippines, and other emerging markets, various multinationals are creating product packaging and product sizes that can be sold at cheaper prices.

The Twitter page has the same look, feel and functionalities regardless of whether one is accessing it in Africa or Europe. Similarly, Amazon Japan amazon. Samsung Despite gaining a later entry into the French market than competitors such as SonyPhilipsand NokiaSamsung has outperformed the rest, owing to deliberate localization efforts from the beginning.

KFC is a great example of successful glocalization. Local China-based competitors opened up smaller stores nearby and experienced more success by comparison. Heinz, which entered India inplans to Indianise the Localization strategy examples offering condiments, juices and snacks to the Indian consumers.

Even a simple thing such as the use of a number in a culturally inappropriate way can derail product sales.

What is localization strategy?

The words were mashed together, making little to no sense to Localization strategy examples speakers. The company, known for its big box retail stores in the U. Welcome to Globalization 3.

Even the Chinese car brand names seem to be less global. However, both research and business experience suggests that standardization strategy may not be the most effective way to meet international market demands. Indian consumers can order online or call for home delivery.

A Localized Global Marketing Strategy

For example, the company would offer the same products without any form of differentiation in all the markets they operate in.

For example, a product company may employ differentiated marketing strategies in terms of packaging and advertising or even offer different products in the different regional markets. Held at the Petit Palaisthe exhibition sawvisitors in its first month.

Localization Strategies for Global e-Business. That creates more costs—so why wait for this to happen?

America in the s was a relatively conservative place when compared to the more socially free, progressive society of Japan at the time. Read my previous blog post to see if translation management software could benefit your localization process.

Companies would develop a global concept that fit a global customer-base which was converging, becoming homogeneous. There are even separate ovens and counters for vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings.

Several companies have created standardized products and communications that have offended people in international markets. A golf ball manufacturing company packaged golf balls in packs of four for convenient purchase in Japan.

Glocalization: Global Product Localization Strategy

China now occupies four out of the fifteen places on the chart, with Alibaba ranked just after Google at number three. With accelerating technological advancements in every sphere including communication, manufacturing and transport, even Globalization 2.

Whirlpool also makes its refrigerators in bright colors like red and blue as many Asian consumers placed their refrigerator in living rooms as a sign of status. Companies establish their operations in one particular area before expanding to other regions growing into international companies or multinationals.

Domestic appliance maker, Whirlpool incorporated specially designed agitators into its washing machines when it sold them in India.

Glocalization Examples – Think Globally and Act Locally

Nokia did not consider this aspect of marketing localization prior to and during the launch of the Lumia phone in Spanish-speaking countries. The key to their success? Ford InFord was one of the first automotive corporations to go International with the opening of Ford Motor Co.

Whirlpool had done extensive research and found that European customers wanted a microwave oven that could brown and crisp food. The stores are non-Starbucks branded in order to recapture the feel of a local coffee shop, which would otherwise be threatened by the existence of Starbucks in its vicinity.

Rounding out a comprehensive localization initiative, Samsung has not only marketed and produced locally, they have hired locally as well, giving the brand that much more authenticity and even a sense of French ownership.A few weeks ago, we documented several examples of localization mint-body.com follow up, this week at our blog we’re providing a few success stories of companies that properly employed localization strategies and benefited immensely as a result.

At the same time, we can learn a lot from these high-profile experiences when it comes to marketing localization strategy, or the adaptation of marketing campaigns and supporting content for foreign countries.

Definition of localization: The practice of adjusting a product's functional properties and characteristics to accommodate the language, cultural, political and legal differences of a foreign market or country.

This module focuses on corporate strategy with particular emphasis on global strategy and competing around the world. It seeks to explain why multinational enterprises adopt different global strategies.

SimulTrans Localization Blog: SimulTips

We have heard a lot about globalism versus localism over the years. In order to succeed globally, even the biggest multinationals must think locally. A few examples: McDonald’s. In the UK, McDonald’s strategy is to listen more to local consumers and then act on it.

A Localized Global Marketing Strategy Dr Nitish Singh Jun 25 Finding the balance between standardization and localization of the web content is one of the preeminent dilemmas that companies face when tapping international markets.

Localization strategy examples
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