Ordeal or reconstruction

Civil Rights Bill of E.

The focus of black community life after emancipation became the black church. The moderate Republican plan for Reconstruction might have succeeded if the Ku Klux Klan had been suppressed. The Republican Reconstruction legislature enacted educational and other reforms in Southern state government.

Imposed slavery like restrictions on blacks and angered the North. Military defeat in the Civil War brought white Southerners to accept the reality of Northern political domination. Force Acts of and K. The cause of black education was greatly advanced by Northern white female teachers who came South after the Civil War.

The newly freed slaves often used their liberty to travel or seek lost loved ones. In contrast to radical Republicans, moderate Republicans generally a. The congressional elections of resulted in a.

Grant as his successor. Besides putting the South under the rule of federal soldiers, the Military Reconstruction Act of required that a. The South was economically devastated by the Civil War. The Fifteenth Amendment provided for a.

After emancipation, many blacks traveled in order to a. The Ku Klux Klan H. Radical Republicans succeeded in their goal of redistributing land to the former slaves.

Military Reconstruction Act of H. The election of ex-Confederates to Congress in D. Southern states give blacks the vote as a condition of readmittance to the Union.

Tenure of Office Act L.

CH22 – The Ordeal of Reconstruction

The enactment of the Black Codes in the South strengthened those who supported a moderate approach to Reconstruction. The right to vote encouraged southern black men to a.

The whole Reconstruction era J. The Black Codes of C.Chapter The Ordeal of Reconstruction, – Copyright © Cengage Learning.

Chapter 22 - The Ordeal of Reconstruction

All rights reserved. Women‟s-rights leaders opposed the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments because a. they objected to racial integration in the women‟s movement. b. the amendments granted citizenship and voting rights to black and white men but not to women.

Lincoln's 10 Percent Reconstruction plan was designed to return the Southern states to the Union quickly and with few restrictions. TRUE. Lincoln believed that the Southern states had never really legally seceded from the States, and so, restoration of the Union should be simple.

CH22 – The Ordeal of Reconstruction. Time Frame: Objectives: At the end of this chapter, you should be able to: Define the major problems facing the nation and the South after the Civil War. Describe the responses of both whites and African Americans to the end of slavery. The Ordeal of Reconstruction.

The Problems of Peace. All rebel (Confederate) leaders were pardoned by President Johnson in After the war, Southern people continued to believe that their view of secession was correct.

Freedmen Define Freedom.

AP US History Chapter 22 Study Guide: The Ordeal of Reconstruction 1865-1877

Emancipation took effect unevenly in different parts of the conquered Confederacy. Reconstruction of a Nation Essay. Max McGreevy February 19, History Jeff Cox Reconstruction of a Nation Wars have large consequences and radical reform, but it took some time after the Civil War to get reconstruction started in the South.

The Ordeal of Reconstruction - Four Questions to be Answered by Reconstruction •How would the South be rebuilt? •How would liberated blacks fare as free men and women?

•How would the Southern states be reintegrated into the Union? Reconstruction. Reconstruction. blacks.

Ordeal or reconstruction
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