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Stephen has been a reluctant student and he has lacked concentration in lesson time. His work is diligently punctuated. Nonetheless, she often constructs readable, coherent sentences and she spells words accurately for the most part.

And then, in the case of the ones that are full of hilarious English misspellings and grammatical howlers, we pin them up in the staffroom with the funny bits picked out in highlighter pen.

However, he often struggles to understand the overall meaning of listening scripts and he must practise answering questions about particular details.

Could you also advise them of the risks associated with using those devices? Stephen a weak student Stephen is not a confident reader at this level and he has made little headway in this element of his French. Packed with comments. He is also extremely careful to use the words he knows appropriately.

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John has an outstanding vocabulary for his level of French and he has learnt a great many new words during lessons. John has no difficulty with listening tasks at this level and he has sharpened his techniques with every lesson.


X has listened to many stories from the Old and New Testament. Her vocabulary has sufficient breadth to make most topics accessible to her in class.

In spite of this, it is plain that he has an understanding of certain grammatical structures. It is ingrained across the Curriculum and is the core of our school community. Kate is able to deal with a variety of topics in listening activities.

However, she does not yet punctuate her work with sufficient regard to the rules. All LRS software is written by qualified teachers, who know what a professional report needs to say.

John is a gifted speaker of French and he has become much more proficient since the beginning of the course. She is also able to deploy words accurately and appropriately when communicating. Special times of the year such as Easter, Pentecost and Christmas as well as the Sacraments are celebrated by all.

He should also take every opportunity to improve his pronunciation. Point and click interface Just enter a pupil name, choose their gender and then start clicking on the comments you wish or even create your own from scratch.

He has an in-depth knowledge of many grammatical rules and constructions. John has been an enthusiastic member of the class and he worked extremely hard during lessons.

We welcome your feedback. If your children become too quiet, please check what they are doing online. About Us Language Report Solutions was founded in with the aim of developing high quality report writing software for teachers. X is aware that prayer is listening to and speaking to God.

She can understand the main theme of some texts by skim-reading. Huge comment bank Everything is editable! Huge comment bank Our comment bank is organised by subject and topic, not only is it the largest on the web, but it is also growing every day - as teachers create their own comments, these are shared within the system.

But your child will be confused when parent and teacher insist on using wildly differing methods. School reports in minutes Use our easy point and click interface to quickly write your school reports.Writing Comment: XXXXX has worked hard in writing this year, now ensuring that he uses the correct tense and person for each piece of writing.

He has imaginatively written a range of texts, including newspaper reports, stories, recounts and play scripts. Report Card Comments Collection - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Teacher Report Card specializes in ready-to-use, printable, downloadable report card comments designed to save teachers time.

To make writing of report cards easier, every report card comment in this book has been ranked and organized according to subject, topic, length, and positive or negative nature.

School Reports – personalised primary school report writer School Reports is a stylishly designed web-based module created to make primary school report writing more personalised and less time consuming.

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Comments I have collected over the years all in one place. I cannot take credit for them at all - they are just ones I have found on the internet and copied onto a /5().

Jul 03,  · catholic school re report comments. hiya i work in a catholic school and im struggling with the re comments for myyear 2 class. ive only taught them for one term so dont know alot about their understanding of the whole year.

KS2 SATS thread. (The week we Bobiyexew47 posted May 12,

School report writing art comments ks2
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