Stolen generation letter editor

Nobody is asked to accept blame or to feel guilt for acts they did not commit but to acknowledge the hurt suffered by fellow Australians through racist government policies.

I do not know what can be done about the enormous and unbearable grief which has been caused by these past practices. Yet I am hopeful that you will receive them as they are meant. As it was also assumed that God had not known Australia existed until the white man brought him here.

I also learned of decades of struggle, disappointment and frustration by these people in their efforts to reunite their families. They, as children, cried out for Aboriginal children and parents who were forcibly parted, some never live to see each other again.

We had no warning of this and no subsequent justification by officials, and I did not see my cousin again for 15 years.

We treasure our own children.

The loss of a child for any reason is a shattering experience no matter your race or colour. Any hype and glory attached to the award was tempered by the reality of the discussion at my table during the awards dinner when several people of Aboriginal descent spoke with frankness and feeling of having been separated from their families at a very young age by force or deception and subjected to a life of brutality, confusion, indifference and prejudice.

A collection of personal letters and extracts from Parliamentary Debates presented to the Indigenous Peoples of Australia,p.

The practice of separating Aboriginal children from their families, simply on the basis of race, continued into the s. Lest we forget, indeed, Mr Logan. There are plenty of Australians who share my view and I want our voice to be heard too.

I believe an apology is part of the healing process for the truth to be told, acknowledged and accepted as part of Australian history. I signed the Sorry Book willingly and without reservation.

Letters to the Editor Social Justice Report People need to be reminded that Australian history is not about football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars.

They just wanted to express their sorrow. Five of my own children represent to me what I would have lost if they had been snatched away.

Painful separations, lost families and identities, heartbreak, broken relationships, alcohol abuse and jail could only instil a sense of deep regret in all Australians. I live in a nice, comfortable, middle-class suburb. Compensation will play an important role in the overall physical and emotional healing.

I have heard Australian after Australian speak with bitterness, anger and condemnation of the stories contained in the Report. I did not know this until recently and it is a matter of deep regret to me and shame.

Contrary to the belief that all injustices were inflicted years ago in our deep, dark history on ancestors long gone; the pain and suffering of the stolen generation lives on today and will continue for some time to come.

Social Justice Report 1998 : Appendix 1: Letters to the Editor

This is my promise. I am sad that there appears to be so little compassion and understanding. Until now, that is.

Stolen Generation; Letter to the editor

I have the luxury of being able to stay at home to look after my children. I write these words hesitantly, for they may not be what you want to hear. It may be painful for us - but, so what?

We now recognise that, while their aims were honourable, their means were wrong and the ends were tragic. To dispel any false illusion these people were not from some remote island or community but lived, worked and raised their families within our so-called modern, multicultural, urban society.

I was taken in by the propaganda of the time, that showed happy Aboriginal children at bedtime climbing the mansion stairs to the sumptuous bedrooms of assimilation.

John Howard should lead the way by nationally recognising these hurts and credibly committing his government to the reconciliation of this nation. For the sake of us all, and for our country, I sincerely hope and pray that we can all display some real humanity to those in need of healing words.At Point McLeay, from Taplin’s Journal, from the Letter-Books and from the Protector’s letters, one can read of hundreds of people suddenly arriving from down the Coorong.

Stolen Generation; Letter to the editor children have called themselves the 'Stolen Generation'. Although all the State governments in Australia have apologized for the injustice that went on, the Federal Governments still refuse the Aborigines 3/5(1). The real 'stolen generation' (letter) by L.B.

The real 'stolen generation' (letter)

Loveday News Weekly, March 15, David Kempton, 'At the least, we should reunite our lost generation', Letter to the editor, The Australian, 10 Junep. I am in full support of a formal apology to the Aboriginal peoples of Australia from the government for the stolen children Report.

Jun 20,  · Get access to Letter To The Editor Stolen Generation Essays only from Anti Essays. Listed Results 1 - Get studying today and get the grades you want. RE: Letter to the editor In reply to your letter, I would like to inform you, that the policy regarding the removal of Aboriginal children was not as you stated.

As soon as a child was born, they were considered a ward of the state because of their Aboriginality.

Stolen generation letter editor
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