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When the jury refused to do so, and returned an acquittal instead, the judge ordered all of the jurors into prison for their refusal to comply with his instructions.

You must not substitute or follow your own notion or opinion as to what the law is or ought to be. The fourteenth amendment guarantees all people due process and equal protection of the laws, and this has been applied to also mean that anyone that has been charged with a crime is afforded Team assignment jury nullification paper essay jury of her or his own peers.

The relatives and friends of two teenagers that were accused in beating a Mexican immigrant to death are having a hard time containing the relief of the non-guilty verdict that was announced for the most serious charges that were filed against the two former high school football stars.

All of these things are true when there are personnel or suspects involved. More essays like this: In some instances, these bills require the trial judge to inform jurors about jury nullification; others permit the defendant to argue nullification.

The jury consisted of ten white people, one Filipina, and one Hispanic person. Some examples of ethnicity-based jury nullification are as follows.

Out of criminal jury trials, the study found that juries that acquitted and juries that deadlocked 27 rated the fairness of the law and the fairness of the legally appropriate outcome significantly lower than juries that convicted on all or most of the charges.

The next example is the Scottsboro trial; there were nine African American teenage males in that were charged for raping two teenage females. It is your duty to apply the law as I explain it to you, regardless of the consequences. There were people in the courtroom that had to be restrained by the sheriffs that were in the courtroom because these people were trying to run up to the defense table after the two boys named Derrick Donchack, and Brandon Piekarsky, got acquitted of reckless endangerment, aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation for the beating death of the immigrant Luis Ramirez.

The jury in the case was an all-white jury. Throughout the time they were in prison only one of them made it out alive. It is anywhere from the initial intake of a person to the time the person is sentenced. Everyone involved in the proceeding has to perform certain duties to their highest ability and they have to be fair to everyone that is involved in the court proceedings.

Team Assignment Jury Nullification Paper Essay Sample

After the verdict was read there were riots because so many people were not happy with the verdict. In addition to online activism, FIJA members have also distributed leaflets and brochures to members of the public and presumably prospective jurors as they enter courthouses and on cars parked in courthouse parking lots.

It is similarly difficult to hold nullifying jurors accountable for their verdicts. Although Sparf still characterized the ability of jurors to decide the law as a right, it held that federal judges were not obligated to inform jurors about this right.

He was brought to the hospital and died two days later. If a person is a different race or gender it may not always be the case that the people have to be fair or perform certain duties. As of earlyonly New Hampshire had enacted such a law. Darrel Brown developed a useful taxonomy of jury nullification consisting of four situations in which jurors are most likely to disregard the law and return an acquittal for an otherwise guilty defendant: Verdict According to Conscience: There is a lot of research that has been done in very recent years that looks at ethnic and racial disparities in the outcomes of sentencing beneath guidelines for sentencing.

No matter what the people of the jury say there will always be members that will make their decisions based on the race of the person. Nevertheless, close scrutiny of 53 cases in which the jurors rated the evidence as strongly favoring the prosecution but the jury hung or acquitted on most or all of the charges, revealed only two cases in which the jurors reported significantly lower ratings of legal fairness, suggesting that overt nullification is a relatively rare occurrence in most jury trials.

One of the boys was also announced not guilty for the murder of Ramierez. Edward Bushel, one of the jurors in the Penn trial, submitted a writ of habeas corpus to the Court of Common Pleas demanding to be released.

But jurors themselves rarely state unequivocally that they deliberately disregarded the law when deciding the case.

There should be no decision made because of race at all. There are pros and cons of jury based nullification.

Jury Nullification Essay

Amberly Montoya,slide I think that all jury proceedings should be fair. You will see these situations most in capital crime cases, in which minorities will most likely have a bigger chance of getting than a white person.

According to Brown, only the fourth situation is inconsistent with the rule of law; in the first three situations, the jury fulfills its legitimate role as a bulwark against tyranny. The Evolution of a Doctrine. This practice may have been implicit recognition that the individuals serving as trial jurors often had as much or more knowledge about and experience in law as the trial judges themselves.

This deference to juries began to change by the middle of the 18th century as the professionalism of the trial bench increased and the franchise of jury service expanded to include a broader and less elite swath of the local community.Jury nullification Essay Sample.

Jury nullification.

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CJA week 4 Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper, Discussion $ BUY TO DOWNLOAD CJA week 5 Individual and Team Assignment, Discussion 1 and 2.

CJA Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Jury Nullification Paper Write a 1, to 1,word paper in which you address the following: Summarize the arguments for and against race-based jury nullification.

CJA Week 3 Assignment Jury Nullification Paper Ongoing debate exists on the issue of whether indeed ethnicity influences proceedings in the court room or not.

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor said in a speech that a judge's gender and ethnicity does, and should, influence his or her.

Jury nullification Essay Sample

CJA Week 3 Team Assignment Jury Nullification Paper. Topics: United Essay about Week 3 Individual Assignment  Organizational CJA Week 3 Individual Jury Nullification Paper Write aword essay in which you address the following.

What is jury nullification? Is racially based jury nullificatiion a defensible practice? Why or why not?

Team assignment jury nullification paper essay
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