The best leader i have known

Top 15 Greatest Leaders of All Time

Everyone in the division was sad to see him move on to a great opportunity. He too has great conquests and his empire was almost the entire Indian sub-continent. He heart ached for the ones for whom he could do not do anything.

April 16, at 7: To this day, I owe my start in public service leadership to his sponsorship and that of my immediate boss and mentor, Red Leffler, also a severely wounded Vietnam vet.

9 Leadership Lessons from the Best Boss I Ever Had

But in this everyday normal things of life, sometimes, people who have a different flair and ability to influence a whole lot of other people are born. A phone call to an employee who made a big contribution.

But the world has seen many great leaders in all the parts of the world but some of the leaders have had not only an influence on their own countries but on the world.

But his oratory skills, military expansions and economic growth plans are something whose credit we have to duly give him and him alone.

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I wanted to work for him. Eventually, The British left India and Gandhi became the face of the nation. People are waiting for courageous and passionate leadership and we all can never underestimate what an impact we can have in a small circle or large. He was a trained doctor and a guerilla warfare leader.

He would work with me to eliminate barriers that might inhibit our success. He was the king of the Kingdom of Macedonia and perhaps, he was the greatest military commander to have ever lived.

Martin Luther King Jr. It sounds like you have done a great job of learning from different kinds of leaders—both the enlightened and the difficult. After finishing his education as a doctor, he took a trip across South America with his friend and it was on the trip that he thought of a revolution, having seen the sorry state of the people in every country.

His confidence and optimism about our future success was contagious. He always wrote with a cobalt blue felt pen, and I adopted his blue pen philosphy. The best leaders are acutely aware of the impact they have on people and recognize that leadership is about helping people become their very best.

March 30, at 1: One of his main goals was to raise up a generation of leaders who would know each other and share a common set of values and experiences in both the Headquarters and the field.

He signed the Emancipation Proclamation, thereby ending slavery in US. Adolf Hitler Now, many people will argue and disagree with the fact that a man like Hitler is called a great leader but we have to say that although his actions and deeds were not good but his leadership skills were matched only by few in the world.

We all left invigorated and ready to continue being creative so we can excel. I took that opportunity and ran with it, all the way to my last supervisor, who, in turn, exhibited outstanding leadership in allowing me to grow as an employee, provided opportunities for me to step outside the box, and encouraged me to spread my wings and fly.

As we slid into the corner booth it certainly felt like old times. Mahatma Gandhi led India against the tyrannical rule of the Britishers.

This is what I loved about working for him: Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military leader who rose to power after the French Revolution which overthrew the monarchy.

Theo Epstein

He was also a member of the clergy. Good bosses can be great role models and provide us with a positive example of what effective leadership looks like. Then I ran my own business for a while with no employees to supervise.

Who was the best leader you've ever known...and why? What made them great?

He cared about the culture of the company he was leading and worked tirelessly to continue making it our competitive advantage. A handwritten note to welcome a new client. The official midpoint reviews and official ratings conferences, not so much. He is, without doubt, one of the greatest leaders to have ever walked the earth.

After working together for more than a decade, we had enjoyed some great dinner conversations and it was good to reconnect. He came out as a hero and led the country into a free, equal future.But most important of all was the evolution of the club’s president for baseball operations, Theo Epstein, the wunderkind executive who realized he would need to grow as a leader.

In my mind, the best leader I have known is late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, ex President of India. His work had three different phases - scientist, politics and educationist.

He dedicated his life and work to enhance India’s image in Space and Defence R. We've found men and women who will inspire you—some famous, others little known, all of them making the world better.

The World's 50 Greatest Leaders () Subscribe. Oct 14,  · America's Best Leaders. More. The Latest. The GOP Can Do Better Than O'Donnell. Saturday Night Live doesn't have to write a sketch this week. They can just run clips from the debate. When looking for what it means to be a good leader, sometimes the best examples are in front of you.

Read about Frank and what made him a great leader. everyone in that company who had known him still had the highest personal and professional respect for him - from the company president to his former secretary. 5 Describe the best leader you have known How did this leader acquire his or from BUSINESS at El Centro College%(2).

The best leader i have known
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