The expectations and reality of college life

A day in the life of a real college student: Expectations vs. reality

Who am I kidding. School life lo homework, teacher punishments, parents meeting lanti vati nundi reflief dorkuthundi ankuntaru. So asalu a expectations ela untayi Vs mana reality ento chuddam. Asalu no way ilantivi expectations, reality lo aitey attendence takkuva ani tittadam, class ki chavagottadam.

After hearing every set of parents discuss how they met and fell in love, kids have a perception that their ideal fantasy hook-up can and will happen. I can barely scrape some coins together for the bus to go to my slave job.

Teachers manatho friendly ga vachi matladam saradaga parties ki veladam. College anaganey adgey vallu undaru ani hai ga late ga lechi, eppudu antey appudu lechi college ki vellochu ani ankuntaru. If they respond, they must be into it.

Literally, everything in this office is the color gray and makes me nauseous.

Filmy Style Expectations of College Days Vs College Life In Reality

You have your whole life ahead of you, and the best days are yet to come. These men are intelligent, witty, and sophisticated. Weekends will be your time to recharge, and if you can squeeze a Thirsty Thursday in, it will be right after you electronically submit that essay way too last minute.

College guys are selfish and ignorant, while the girls are clumsy and awkward. Email College is viewed in a completely different way before and after you attend. This is what you expect it to be, and this is what it really is. First year nundi try chestey vellu dariyam chesi chepetapatiki final year avtadi.

Haha wow, adult decisions. After spending 4 years in a stuffy classroom, I graduated to spending the rest of my life in an even stuffier office.

Kids have this vision of a perfect person. But in reality, none of them will happen. Thirty-year-olds looks back at their college selves the same way college students looks back at their preteen selves. How am I suppose to know everything at the age of 22?! College is the place where your life truly starts.

These strong, smart, and sophisticated women must be like the ones on Sex and the City. Save it for the date. Why would your professor assign homework during the first week of a new semester?Life After Graduation: Expectations VS Reality Congratulations you graduate, you! You survived years of exams, all-nighters, vicious hangovers, and heartbreaks.

Reality Expectations 4. College life anagane, abbayilu stylish jeans and pants anukuntaru and ammailu fashionista ga maripodam anukuntaru, but reality sangathi meku telisindega. College: Expectations Vs. Reality.

It seemed so much cooler on the CW. Posted on February 25,GMT Jessica Misener. BuzzFeed Staff. Share On facebook Share Share On vk Share. Reality "Being in control of your life and having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to stress management, which is perhaps the most important ingredient to living happy, healthy and rewarding life.".

So to warn the newcomers and amuse the veterans, we bring you 7 expectations vs reality about college life: Freshers The first party of your college life, you expect it to be full of good music, crazy lights and awesome people. The Reality By Nina Barnes • April 21, at am The college life seems to be so hyped-up that the reality is often far different from what is expected.

The expectations and reality of college life
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