Why we should honor our veterans essay

I will continue to support efforts that help our veterans build the future they deserve.

Why We Must Honor Our Nation’s Veterans

For Personal Sacrifices Every time you take your kid to the zoo or your wife to the restaurant, think of a soldier who was unable to do so. However, they are the ones who brought honor and peace to this country. These veterans lose their lives for me, for you, and for everyone in this room.

They fight in wars, help after disasters, and do so much for their country; we cannot just let that slide. I know I would not be able to commit to such an honorable act. Whether they stormed the beaches of Normandy, fought in the jungles of Vietnam, or battled in the sands of Iraq or the mountains of Afghanistan, our brave men and women in uniform have always put our country and values first.

On top of all that, they do it willingly. They should always be honored and remembered.

Why Should We Honor Our Veterans?

While we are happily going about our lives, those soldiers spend years toiling at the battlefields. I have requested that the Department of Veterans Affairs provide monthly accountability reports nationally, in an effort to reduce the amount of waiting time and eliminate the unacceptable backlog.

It was nice to see what had been done in memory of the wars and the people who had fought and died in them. America is the land of opportunity and a beacon of hope and freedom to the rest of the world because our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen have fought valiantly to defeat tyranny and terror, and protect the liberties we hold most dear.

A significant number of those returning to civilian life suffer from the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and other behavioral health conditions and, sadly, far too many are not receiving the proper care they deserve.

They are veterans of war. Important parts of this bill are included in the current Defense Authorization Act that I hope the president will sign.

Veterans are heroes, and they should be treated as such. Think of those who went to Iraq, Afghanistan or other war zones. They get assigned to foreign countries and fight alongside or against total strangers. Most were only able to communicate to family members through letters.

Their lives, family, sanity. Yet as anyone who has gone through a tour of duty will tell you, nothing on TV matches the real thing.

Oftentimes, it is both.The reason why we should honor veterans is because they let us do these simple things. While we are happily going about our lives, those soldiers spend years toiling at the battlefields.

Many of them come home carrying the scars of war. why american veterans should be honored. May 19, That’s why we honor our American veterans. Report Abuse Print National Essay Contest. Nov 04,  · Sample Essays - Veteran's Day First Place Student Essay Contest Why Should We Honor Veterans?

Lexie For these reasons and many more, our veterans should forever be honored. Posted by Mr. Krupa's Class at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Total Pageviews - Last 7 Days. Why Are Veterans Special? ESSAY CONTEST Honoring America's Veterans to the Veterans that we now have the freedoms of today.

Veterans have spent a good fraction of Veterans have kept our freedom. They have allowed us to listen to any music we want. They have allowed us to have any. Although as Americans we tend to have our differences, this is one of those areas that unite us as a nation. So, if you know any veterans don’t forget to say thank you and enjoy our list of 25 reasons to honor our Veterans.

Why Are Veterans Special? ESSAY CONTEST Honoring America's Veterans Veterans honor the citizens that they have so bravely protected. and why we should keep them in our prayers.

Families that support their soldiers can be included in a special organization, helping out the families including individuals that need.

Why we should honor our veterans essay
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