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The two shortest sentences are at lines 29 and 60, respectively. The burden of farm chores, imposed as much for their value as moral discipline as for necessity, taxed his frail physique and delicate health, and although he was ever the prize pupil, eager to please by demonstrating his brightness, the district school imposed a strict regimen: An inquisitive child, Cullen learned to make a companion of thoughts stimulated by nature.

Convinced he lacked the requisite eloquence and confident manner, Cullen was reluctant to accept a fate that condemned him to drudgery.

The similarity was appropriate: These William cullen bryant biography essay supported the notion that the world should be viewed through the lens of common sense as opposed to abstract ideas about what is real. A second edition—in which the William cullen bryant biography essay of the first swelled toand, with the addition of William cullen bryant biography essay poems, its pages tripled—was published at the start of His father, Peter Bryant, a physician and surgeon, had evidently chosen to settle in Cummington to pursue the affections of Sarah Snell, whose family had migrated from the same town in eastern Massachusetts; boarding at the Snell house, he won his bride.

It and the opening sentence of section 2 are two-and-a-half lines long. Henry Kirke White, virtually forgotten today, had a brief moment of great renown, though less for the merit of his lugubrious verse than for the controversy sparked by an attack on it in The Monthly Review and its defense by Robert Southey; White presently achieved martyrdom by dying, at the age of twenty, in He assiduously worked on the Iliad and The Odyssey from to His first employment, inwas as editor of the New-York Review, which within the next year merged with the United States Review and Literary Gazette.

Had his intended profession inspired ambition, he might have welcomed its challenges as a means of escape from dejection, but law offered him nothing more than the prospect of a living, burdened by wearying triviality.

Bryant took delighted notice. That " Cooper Union speech " lifted Lincoln to the nomination, and then the presidency. The story of the romance between John and Priscilla is the subject of a famous narrative poem by Longfellow " The Courtship of Miles Standish ". Social isolation fostered romantic sensibilities that would suit the evolving tastes of the new century.

Bryant was interned for almost a year in Mauritius. Still, it took years more for him to break definitively with the Democrats.

A vow of abstinence for the sake of the law, however, only stoked his desire to test his powers within the new possibilities Wordsworth had shown.

William Cullen Bryant Essay

Bryant proudly urged his son to extend his efforts, and when the legislator returned to Boston after the holiday recess, he circulated the poem among his Federalist friends—including a poet of minor reputation who joined the father in editing and polishing the work.

At a time when most editors of the political press backed candidates because of their party labels alone, Bryant let principle determine to whom he would give his support. Works in Biographical and Historical Context An Early Talent Bryant was born in Cummington, Massachusetts, and grew up under the conflicting influences of his father, a liberal Unitarian physician, and his maternal grandfather, a conservative Calvinist farmer.

The editor of the Review, Edward Tyrrel Channingread the poem to his assistant, Richard Henry Dana, who immediately exclaimed, "That was never written on this side of the water! Some Reminiscences of Knickerbocker Writers. Bryant also wrote verse, and if his derivative efforts fell short of distinction, they were nonetheless well-turned.

Thomas Cole was a friend and both, at different times, considered the "geological structure" of Volterra in Italy. At his death, all New York City went into mourning for its most respected citizen, and eulogies poured forth as they had for no man of letters since Washington Irving, its native son, had died a generation earlier.

Consequently, he did not complete the ambitious kinds of projects which might have brought him enduring fame as a poet of the first rank.

He will continue to be read for his place in literary history, for the fuller understanding of the development of that national literature of which he contributes, even if his verse is wholly uncongenial to the contemporary reader. His poetic treatment of the themes of nature and mutability identifies him as one of the earliest figures in the Romantic movement in American literature.

Yet its motive was not saturnine: From Assistant Editor he rose to Editor-in-Chief and co-owner of the newspaper that had been founded by Alexander Hamilton. At no time prior to the Civil War was the Union so threatened with dissolution.

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The next month, his grandfather Snell, still vigorous despite his advanced years, was found cold in his bed. A letter to a friend records his distress: That exertion enhanced his standing in party councils, and inhe was one of the prime Eastern exponents of Abraham Lincolnwhom he introduced at Cooper Union.

Even so, these were private delights, not steps in a literary career directed toward public acclaim.This sample William Cullen Bryant Essay is published for informational purposes only. Free essays and research papers READ MORE HERE. William Cullen Bryant: Poems study guide contains a biography of William Cullen Bryant, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis of select poems.

About William Cullen Bryant: Poems. William Cullen Bryant – American poet, editor, critic, travel sketch writer, translator, short story and sketch writer, satirist, and historian. INTRODUCTION The most accomplished and popular American poet of the first half of the nineteenth century, Bryant also was the first American poet to receive substantial international acclaim.

Bryant biography. William Cullen Bryant. Essay by Wynn Yarborough, William Cullen Bryant was our " first American writer of verse to win international acclaim." (Tomlinson, 30) Bryant was considered a child-prodigy, publishing his first poem at age ten and his first book when he was thirteen, a political satire of an embargo policy of.

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